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Please provide us with your details and we'll reach out to schedule a quick chat!

Thanks for your interest!

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AI is a bit intimidating to make a decision completely online, fill the form and we'll reach out for a 5-10 minute informal chat.


In a quick call with our team you'll discover:

  • How AI can transform your business

  • How this technology will interact with your customers

  • How quickly you can roll out AI onto your site

  • Your company's potential ROI of utilizing AI longer term

We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients and providing monetary and time saving benefits!

Simple, low cost, no commitment next generation AI customer service automation - Rayon AI multilingual Synthetic Service Agents engage with customers to generate sales, provide customer service & radically improve CX!

Benefits of Partnering with Rayon:


  • Quick set up & Deployment: We can have you up and running in a few days.

  • Connect to all customer-facing channels: Agents can engage via phone, SMS, social media, website chatbot, email and apps.

  • Easy Integration: Connecting to business applications like CRM, Sales, Inventory ticketing, logistics systems etc. is a snap. 

  • Flexibility: Can handle complex customer conversations to get things done.

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