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  • Why should I engage with Rayon AI?
    Rayon AI was recently identified by Aragon Research as a Hot Vendor of Conversational AI. Our breakthrough proprietary technology is powerful and will give your organization an edge when it comes to deploying Synthetic Service Agents for all your customer facing services.
  • What is Digital Labor?
    Digital labor, or digital labour for our friends in the UK, Australian and New Zealand, represents emergent forms of labor characterized by the production of value through interaction with information and communication technologies such as digital platforms or artificial intelligence.
  • What is a Digital Employee?
    A Digital Employee or, as we refer to them, Synthetic Service Agents, are AI-based software applications that emulate humans in the way they engage with users.
  • What is a Digital Workforce?
    A Digital Workforce is a collection of Synthetic Service Agents addressing repetitive and costly customer facing services and work hand in glove with human employees.
  • What is a Hybrid Workforce?
    A Hybrid workforce is one that comprises Synthetic Service Agent and human employees to perform at a higher level than a human only workforce.
  • What are Synthetic Service Agents (Virtual Agents)?
    Synthetic Service Agents (Virtual Agents) are AI-based software customer service agents that engage with your customers in much the same way as your humans customer service representatives do. They help customers with all their needs. Synthetic Service Agents (SSAs) can engage with customers via text (chatbots, SMS, or email) or advanced synthetic voice via phones, smart speakers and other places where voice is a better medium. Among other tasks SSAs commonly address support issues, gather customer details, verify identity, help with orders, and direct customers to the right human agent when necessary.
  • What’s the difference between a Chatbot and Synthetic Service Agent?
    Chatbots provide mostly scripted and linear engagements. They don't’ learn from experience and unless an expected question is asked they can not provide an answer. Synthetic Service Agents on the other hand can handle complex engagements and learn from experience.
  • Why is Rayon AI better than Google DialogFlow? IBM Watson, Amelia and other service offering?"
    In a recent Snips benchmark test of Conversational Understanding Rayon AI’s proprietary context-encoded NLU outperformed Google (DialogFlow) by10% (81% vs. 71%)
  • How long does it take to set up a Synthetic Service Agent?
    Rayon AI Synthetic Service Agents can be set up and deployed in a matter of hours not months as is the case with most service providers.
  • Can Rayon AI’s Synthetic Service Agents integrate with my existing software and services?
    Yes, Rayon AI easily integrates with most modern business software and services, to ensure your Synthetic Service Agents have all the intelligence they need to best help you customers. They then update these systems with information they gather from your customers so their human colleagues can use that information too.
  • How much does a Synthetic Service Agent cost?
    Synthetic Service Agent cost $.15 per unique customer engagement charged monthly based on usage.
  • Where is Rayon AI based?
    Rayon AI is an early stage Silicon Valley technology company based in Santa Clara California.
  • How can I partner with Rayon AI?
    First and foremost Rayon AI is a technology company with world class proprietary NLU software. We prefer to work with partners large and small. Please get in touch to find out more about the Rayon AI Partner Program.
  • Where can I deploy Synthetic Service Agent services?
    Synthetic Service Agents can engage with your customers where its most convenient for them so via text over SMS, Social messaging and chatbot-style apps as well as via voice over phones, smart speakers and other devices.
  • Are Rayon AI Synthetic Service Agents chatbots?
    Chatbots are extremely limited in what they can do. Synthetic Service Agents can do all that a chatbot can do and a whole lot more!
  • What is Conversational AI?
    Conversational AI is the use of artificial intelligence software to mimic human conversation, mostly in order to get things done. Conversations can take place via text over SMS, Social messaging and chatbot-style apps as well as via voice over phones, smart speakers and other devices.
  • What is Conversational Marketing?
    Conversational Marketing is the use of Conversational AI to market and sell products and services automatically.
  • What is AI Customer Service?
    AI Customer Service is the use of Conversational AI to provide customer service automatically.
  • How much does the Rayon AI Synthetic Agents servivce cost?
    Simple, you pay from $0.15 per engagement depending on you volume. The higher your volume the lower the price gets.
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