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10% better than Google?

Rayon AI multilingual synthetic service agents integrate with existing deployed services for better customer engagements, to drive sales, provide great customer service & radically improve CX!

Our proprietary Natural Language Understanding (NLU) software was developed by ex Samsung Director of AI, where he developed Bixby, Michael Wei, CTO and co-founder of Rayon AI. Our NLU technology provides a competitive edge with a 10% better conversation understanding than Google DialogFlow (81% vs. 71%) using Snips benchmark conversation understanding testing, which we hope is reason enough to raise some eyebrows.

But also, our unique approach to integrating with all your existing deployed customer service software and applications, rather than adding to them, means disruption to your business is minimized while affording your customers a higher level of customer service and reducing load on your human resources, all of which leads to reduced operating costs and better overall CX.

We’re actively seeking developer partners, large and small, as well as engaging with clients directly.

Get in touch to find out more.


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