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3 Essential Aspects of Conversational AI Success.

Real AI means learning from experience and calibrating with customer needs. Rayon AI’s award winning proprietary AI technology was developed by ex Samsung head of AI Research, developer of Bixby and Rayon AI CTO and founder, Michael Wei.

In order for successful efficient and timely deployments to take place, your chosen service provider needs to understand your business and specific use case and importantly have the right software for the job.

Ideally your chosen service provider should also have experience in your specific domain, so is able to design and deploy a service in days not months. Rayon AI is a team of entrepreneurs with varied and extensive industry experience.

Lost cost usage-based pricing should be a key aspect to a service provider engagement. Long ongoing commitments and charges not directly related to the success of the service being deployed is illogical.

At Rayon AI we believe businesses should be charged based on the success of the service being deployed. We charge $0.15 for each successful unique engagement. That’s it!

We’re here to help as needed.

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