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3 Simple AI Automations

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Today a totally new level of automations are available - AI Synthetic Service Agents. Unlike first generation chatbots they do a whole lot more than answer simple questions. By integrating with business management systems, they provide a raft of useful, automated customer friendly services. Here are three services your customers will most appreciate.

1. Rather than “listen carefully as our menu options have changed.” How about a personalized service like “Good morning Sarah, are you calling about [something Sarah is most likely calling about]?

2. If your company doesn't have a chatbot, or has one that's manned by humans at certain times, then it’s time to deploy an intelligent chatbot to answer most commonly asked questions and transfer to a human agent when needed.

3. Having spent time integrating and setting your agent about the above tasks, why not enable other channels your customers use everyday, like SMS, WhatsApp etc?

Using new technology these services are easy to set up and deploy. They are charged for like most other modern SaaS services, upon usage. So no long development processes, proofs of concept, bill shock and project failures! Worth a look?

To find out how Synthetic Service Agents can help you and your customers simply fill out this form so we can prepare a tailored proposal for you. Click here.


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