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An emerging use of conversational AI is personalized lead generation.

By integrating with existing customer management systems, such as your CRM, ad targeting and website applications, your Synthetic Service Agents can immediately identify visitors to your website. Then armed with a detailed understanding of their history, interact with them to make informed decisions about why they may be visiting you. They can then take actions and engage with customers using their understanding gained from being connected to your information systems. And once deployed your Synthetic Service Agent is at it 24 x 7. Having engaged with a customer all new information gleaned from that interaction is updated in your CRM app. Once connected your Synthetic Service Agent keeps in touch with customers to make sure they're aware of things like order fulfillment, customer service status, in stock notifications etc.. This type of functionality has only recently become viable due to advances in conversational AI. Here at Rayon AI we provide solutions based on our industry leading proprietary technology and conversational AI platform. #chatbots #customerservice #marketingandadvertising #onlinebusinesses #customerexperience #digitallabor #customerservice #retail

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