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Award winning Conversational AI SaaS for less!

As a smaller, newer, more nimble provider, Rayon AI offers better technology than the usual suspects, at a fraction of the price as well as being able to offer fast deployments!

So, if you’ve been considering adding real AI automation to your business operations and have done a little homework, you’ve probably looked at the usual big brand names like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. You’ve probably also looked at high end system integrators, like Accenture and Deloitte Digital, as well as specialist providers like IPSoft (Amelia), ASAPP and Uniphore.

If that’s the case then you’ve got some idea of their pricing and you’re most likely getting quotes in the high tens and probably in hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s probably scared you off! And rightfully so. Or at least forced you to push your AI automation projects to the back burner for further consideration and budget allocation.

STOP! Rayon AI can help...

Rayon AI, is a new Conversational AI SaaS provider with a completely fresh approach and low pricing. We charge $0.15 per successful unique engagement, so about $750 for 5k unique engagements, and there’s no long term commitment. Simple! That’s it!

We don’t charge you for development, testing, proof of concept and conversation design. You only pay for services when they are live and helping your customers!!!

We’re here if you're interested in finding out more:-)

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