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Multi-channel AI Customer Service Agents fast replacing Chatbots - Chatbots 2.0, phone, messaging

There’s no doubt customers have come to rely on chatbots and chat clients powered by real humans as critical to customer service but the current service offerings fall way below par. That’s why chatbots are fast being replaced by a new generation of AI customer service automations like Rayon AI’s Synthetic Service Agents.

In the January 2021 Rayon AI Consumer Channel Preference Study 37.24% of survey respondents found chatbots “usually enjoyable and helpful” and 45.69% found they “work ok and sometimes helpful” so finding favor with 82.93 of respondents.

But when asked how responders felt when they encountered the following everyday issues while seeking customer service, we were surprised that 57% of responders found incompetent support agents to be a major issue, closely followed by incompetent chatbots a close second with 50% of responders finding this a major issue!

Rayon AI Synthetic Service Agents offer a powerful, low cost, easy and fast to deploy next generation of AI customer service automation.

Please reach out to find out more!

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