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Rayon AI’s Kustomer integration enables the most powerful automated customer service available!

Rayon AI’s integration with Kustomer, as AI Synthetic Service Agents, enable the most powerful automated AI customer service available on the market today!

- Greater than 50% totally automated first contact resolution

- Low cost, simple and fast deployments

- Use of existing data on websites provides broad and deep intelligence

- Ability to address complex use cases not possible with other services

How has Rayon AI achieved this level of success?

For 12 months Rayon AI has developed a customer service solution for August Home deployed as AI Synthetic Service Agents. At the heart of the complex service is an integration between Rayon AI’s conversational AI platform and Kustomer, which provides the Synthetic Service Agents an in-depth understanding and knowledge of each August Home customer.

So, when August Home customers engage, via chat, phone, messaging or SMS, the whole experience is personalized. Synthetic Service Agents work hand in glove with human CSR colleagues, who have full access to all gathered information in Kustomer. The results speak for themselves; reduced operating costs, smoother operations and improved CSat!

To find out how you can quickly and easily deploy Rayon AI Synthetic Service Agents please arrange for a tailored working demonstration here.

We’re standing by to help you add this powerful dimension of automated customer service to your business.


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