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Rayon AI Synthetic Service Agents do more!!

By 2025 you won’t be able to tell the difference between synthetic agents and humans. Call centers will join fax machines, pagers and dial-up internet as relics of the past and your front line customer service team will all be synthetic service agents.

Recent research from all major firms indicates adoption of Conversational AI is set for tremendous growth. As a recent Forbes article put it “not embracing AI technology is akin to BlockBuster taking a pass on streaming video”.

Rayon AI is a provider of proprietary Conversational AI in the form of synthetic service agents, that engage with customers to drive sales, provide customer service & radically improve CX! .

Synthetic service agents are reliable, learn on the job, are at it 24x7x365, work well with human colleagues and cost only $1 an hour…

Rayon AI Synthetic Service Agents are easily scalable, achieve 50% - 70% first contact resolution. They’re proven to deliver cost reductions of 60% and more, and they’re adept at generating leads and driving sales.

First and foremost though, Rayon AI is a technology company with world class proprietary NLU software, which bests industry leading Google DialogFlow by 10% (81% vs. 71%) in snips benchmark conversation understanding. So that’s why we prefer to work with partners large and small!

Reach out to Oscar Jenkins CEO of Rayon AI for more information.

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