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Synthetic Agents Transform August Home Customer Service

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

August Home uses Rayon AI voice technology to transform its customer contact experience.

August Home was founded in November 2012 and is the brainchild of California native, Jason Johnson, CEO and co-founder. The company is based in San Francisco and in 2018 was acquired by Swedish conglomerate Assa Abloy, the global leader in smart access solutions.

August Home devices provide security by offering simple, unprecedented visibility and control over user’s front doors. The August Home vision of security extends to fastidious attention to end users support. August Home products, services, and partnerships deliver smarter home access that keep the bad guys out and let the good guys in.


August Home is growing rapidly, and consequently so is call volume. Rather than simply growing the August Home customer support team to cope, during 2019 a team, led by Monika Aufdermauer, Senior Director of Customer Experience for August Home, recognized the time was right to add intelligence to the August Home customer contact center.

“Evaluating all of the options and deciding on Rayon AI was a difficult process. I was very surprised to select Rayon AI as our provider since they’re such an early-stage startup.” Monika Aufdermauer, Senior Director of Customer Experience for August Home

Adding intelligence to their contact center will allow August Home to grow faster and maintain high quality CX.

August Home wanted to replace their traditional IVR call reception service (press 1 for SmartLocks, Press 2 for DoorBells etc.) with an intelligent voice AI customer support service for their North America support desk.

It was important for all calls be personalized by integrating with the August Home customer support systems, Shopify and Kustomer CRM. Aufdermauer’s expectation was to successfully resolve 20% of calls without recourse to human agents in the short term, and increase that resolution rate over time.

Before August Home started using Rayon AI in April 2020, Aufdermauer’s team investigated several leading competing technologies. “We wanted a solution that would benefit our customers and help ease the load on our support teams. Integrating with many of our systems was a must - especially for order related questions that can be easily addressed by AI.” Aufdermauer.

With minimal briefing Rayon AI presented a working voice conversation model incorporating tightly coupled NLP and ASR capabilities, which addressed the key August Home requirements. Importantly, in independent benchmark testing, Rayon AI performance exceeded Amazon LEX by 27% and Google API (Dialogflow) by 12%.

Rayon AI gives us this ability to both delight our customers with instant responses to basic questions and allows us to scale our support with the growth of our business.”. Monika Aufdermauer, Senior Director of Customer Experience, August Home.

Solution - The August Home Intelligent Customer Contact Center

By adding Rayon AI virtual voice agents and intelligence to the August Home customer contact center, the ratio of human agents to calls is decreased. This leads to shorter call times, lower payroll costs, improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity of human agents.

The Rayon AI+ intelligent contact center (ICC) solution for August Home is based on a unique proprietary, context-encoded, NLU engine, making formal semantic comprehension possible. Added to this, Rayon AI’s expressive new modeling technology allowed for intricate and nuanced human-like conversation design to tackle complex conversation engagement, which

August Home sought and was not available from other providers.

The full Rayon AI+ service tightly couples the Rayon AI NLU engine with an ASR subsystem fully optimized to deliver sub-second system replies, which feel natural and responsive. Furthermore, the service incorporates full duplex recognition and speech synthesis, which allows caller interruptions and human-like exchanges. By integrating with Shopify and Kustomer CRM, the Rayon AI+ ICC service is able to deliver personalized services to callers, as well as updating these systems in real time to provide valuable information to human CSR colleagues when calls are transferred from virtual agents.

So now, when callers contact August Home support they are instantly greeted

personally by an August Home virtual agent who is aware of their call history

and actions taken, as well as order status and previous or ongoing support

issues. Callers are able to resolve a range of complex support issues with an

August Home virtual agents without recourse to human agents.

See the following Full Case Study:

August Case Study 2.0
Download PDF • 1.02MB

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