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Using Kustomer CRM?

If you use Kustomer for CRM then Rayon AI Synthetic Service Agents can deliver personalized AI customer service across all customer facing channels in a snap!

Rayon AI’s breakthrough low cost and easy to deploy approach uses an integration to Kustomer and FAQs as well as other information already available on your website to equip Synthetic Service Agents with the intelligence they need to engage with your customers to get things done.

This is in stark contrast to other offerings where a proof of concept can take months and requires model development, training, extensive human and financial resources. And that’s even before you get to deploy a live service.

In much the same way human customer service agents provide service on the phone, via email, SMS and probably live chat, you can deploy Rayon AI Synthetic Service Agents in much the same way in a matter of days. The difference is, they can handle way more customers at a single time, they’re at it 24x7 and cost far less than their human colleagues.

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