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Winning AI Conversational Marketing tactics for retailers.

Rayon AI's Synthetic Service Agents are now extremely powerful and can not only receive customer calls and deal with more than half of caller enquiries without any human intervention, but can also make outbound calls of all sorts.

For retailers, outbound calls can be made for things like cart abandonment, delivery notification, order follow ups and in stock notifications to give a personalized, fresh feel to your customer service.

Proactive Chatbots can engage with customers on websites to offer advice and help as well as gather customer information for use by human CSRs. They can send customers information they need and act as a personal shopping assistant for each of your customers across all customer-facing channels.

And engagements can be easily personalized using straightforward integrations with business applications like CRM, Shopping, Logistics etc. For example, prebuilt integrations are available for Kustomer, Shopify, ZingTree, Slack and many more.

So what channels are we talking about? Sure, website and phone, but also channels that today’s customers are more comfortable with, like SMS, WhatsApp, mobile apps and many others.


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